My Open Letter Post-Election Day 2016

Dear Madam Secretary,

Thank you very much for putting in a valiant fight for what you believe and have for so long. Our nation has gone through a lot over the years, and today we are in transition. A lot of things have changed, and for that, it comes at a price. There are so many facets of our society that have been affected in so many different ways that we have to accept the outcome this election as a part of the change that we seek in our society. Had it not been this result there would be another, and so I believe that every action we take comes at a cost as the actions we chose not to take comes at a price as well.

For that reason there is hope.

It is my hope that we as Americans will find be able to value in each of our decisions and in doing so we can calculate innovative ways for growing and prospering as a Nation that leads others in the world.

For that, I thank you so much for showing the nation your aspiration, determination and willingness to lead us into the future. To that end, the will of the people is to choose another leader, and that is our system.

Thank you for every second you spend and have spent thinking about the welfare of our country. Thank so much for trying and thank you for everything you have done.

Today we have a new President that we have elected and that is an excellent beginning. That is one reason why so many of us as veterans serve this great country because we value democracy and the liberties it provides our nation -- we the people have the right to choose our leaders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I welcome our new President, Mr. Donald Trump, our newest and 45th President. I will invest all of my efforts to ensure our President’s success as he prepares to lead and guide our nation as we hope for greater successes in the free world.


Yesterday we chose as a country to, “Make America Greate Again,” and that was a call-to-action that we are committed to as a nation. Now, let’s go to work!



Everet B. Taylor

(US Army, veteran)