My Open Letter in November 2016

Dear Madam Secretary,

Thank you very much for your willingness to serve and for putting in a valiant fight for what you believe in.

Through the years, the Nation has gone through a great deal. Now we have transitioned. Much has changed, and change comes at a price.

Many facets of our society have been affected in so many ways. While it might be harder for some, we must accept the outcome. Our election is an important part of who we are as Americans. It is the processes we use to produce the changes we seek in our society]’s government.

I believe that every outcome has value this one will provide its own. Each action we take, comes at a cost of something we neglected to do instead.

For All of this can still hope that the spirit of America will continue to lead as the beacon of light for the rest of the world.

To that end, it is my hope we Americans will continue to find value in each of our decisions.

Everet B. Taylor

US Army (Retired)