A Strategic Perspective

Setting goals and achieving them consistently, believe it or not, do not happen by chance.  Today, almost everyone is operating in some types of dynamic environments. In most dynamic environments, change is the commonality today. Yes, change is constant.


Regardless of our environments, it is a good idea to consider creating and maintaining a strategic plan and using it to focus and guide your teams' efforts.


Regardless of your industry, business, group, or team, having an effective strategic plan can help to navigate in dynamic and changing environments is a real consideration that might save many headaches. Once you create one, just be sure you always keep it up to date.


A good strategic plan must answer three fundamental questions. Start on the surface and dig deep.


Where are we?

 What opportunities, resources, strengths, etc. do we have in our plan?

Where do want to be?

Simple enough right? Give it a try. Start on the surface and dig deeper. Once you have a plan, don't forget to communicate it to your organization. Communication can be your next obstacle to navigating this time, and your environment.