Strive To Create A Quality Culture

Some organizations try to adopt Six Sigma for short-term process improvement projects, and in doing so, they often do nothing to prepare the organizations general business cultures to one ready to accomplish Six Sigma tasks.

Organizations need to ensure that they have trained knowledgeable teams ready to practice Six Sigma when needed. Otherwise, any Six Sigma efforts will yield little benefit from efforts.

Failure is a commonly shared business problem. Failures waste limited resources when used on missed Six Sigma project implementations. An invitation to fail is making no efforts or commitments to training, educating staff members, and building the organizational cultures for Six Sigma process improvements to succeed.

Designed studies to build the organizations’ cultures for Six Sigma must preclude Six Sigma implementations. At a minimum, an organization needs to commit full executive management support, adequate allocated resources, and training for all participating staffs.

Creating an organizational culture for Six Sigma is a first step to ensuring the processes will gain traction and deliver its benefit early.