Telemedicine: can additional options improve access to quality care?

The introduction of various technologies in medicine encourages telehealth advances to support medicine, and as different variants of telemedicine services rapidly centralize, many are becoming a favorite option for care. 

Telehealth services offer patients choices and flexibility, and these features make it an attractive and viable avenue for health care. In some respects, we can think of it as its service line. 

Telehealth services are scalable, configurable, and customizable, and it represents more options for personal choice for the individual patient.  

Scalability allows healthcare institutions to build services incrementally. This feature is important as it makes adopting telemedicine easier for the organizations that are cautious and conservative. The investment can be scaled to match an organization's budget and resources.

The configuration of telemedicine services is essential because it ensures that the new services will integrate with existing operations, financial, marketing management systems. 

The operations aspects should mirror the same quality of services provided to the traditional patients cared for at the brick and mortar facility.

Financial integration is critical as each new telehealth service should enhance the revenue cycle.

The customization of telehealth services allow organizations to be more flexible and strategic with its implementation. Customization can help the providers when they choose which services to start with, and the subset of patients to be the focus. Further customization can then translate into specific processes and policies, which addresses the needs of the patients. All of which is a bonus for the patients receiving the customized service.

All of this suggests that as technologies advances to support healthcare causes we should see a greater number of access points emerge for patients to interact with their healthcare providers for care when they need it and where they choose. Theoretically more access points should allow more patients to receive care. What do you think? 

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