Telehealth Offer Value New Opportunities and Timely Access to Care

The point at which we understand that the limits of one healthcare organization's ability serve its patients is a great place to begin the "why" assessments and start thinking of that organization's telehealth requirements.  

If providing quality health care and services, is at the core of the healthcare delivery system, then having the foresight to ensure we have an effective plan that allows an organization to leverage technologies to meet the patient's needs has to be the wave of the future. 

Thinking that over time, more patients will be demanding sooner appointments versus waiting until later. With limited facilities, resources, and buildings equipped to maintain the people needing care from the health systems, telehealth will have a viable role to play.  As a viable health service, it will need to be integrated with portfolios of many healthcare organizations. 

Understanding this, knowing where to start the preparation is key to a successful implementation, which should begin with a feasibility assessment. Telehealth services implemented correctly will require a commitment of limited resources, and so this should be the goal.

Getting feasibility assessments to know where to start is the first step, and with that in hand, one begins to identify the care delivery requirements.  These are the things you must have for success. The assessments will take the time to gather and assess the information, but knowing what you will need will start with a few of the critical things. 

Patients, will not take long before they begin asking for telehealth appointments and then the disruption begins.  Again, preparation is key, to offering the care that will expand healthcare facilities well beyond their walls.  Start preparing now and stay ahead of the wave.