Familiar Telehealth terms we should know (Courtesy of medicaid.gov)

A few key terms used to describe telehealth services are as follows: 

1.    Distant or Hub site: It is the location site where the physician or other licensed practitioner delivers the telehealth service when the patient is receiving the service by way of the telecommunications system. 

2.    Originating or Spoke site: The site where the Medicaid patient is when they receive services through a telecommunications system. In some instances, tele-presenters at the originating spoke site may facilitate the delivery of the service.

3.    Asynchronous or "Store and Forward": In this process, the patient’s information is stored and sent forwarded from the patient’s site to the provider’s site for a review and comment.  Transferred data from one site to another with a camera or similar device that records (stores) an image, and sends it (forwarded) via telecommunication to another site for consultation. Asynchronous or "store and forward" applications Medicaid do not consider this telemedicine, but they may utilize it to deliver services.

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