mHealthAlert: Smart Chronic Care Tele-monitoring

Maybe now is appropriate to introduce mHealthAlert to the rest of us in the US... download the app and see some of the things the company has been doing with mobile applications that help providers and their patients manage chronic health conditions. 


mHealthAlert designed mobile monitoring and alerting features for people that may spend a lot of time struggling to manage conditions that could use additional monitoring support.  The original intent was to try and reduce the time families spend shuttling back and forth and moving in and out of the hospitals for care that providers felt could be better managed with regular monitoring and early notification. 


They have developed a mobile application platform with features that connect with several Bluetooth (enabled) devices.  They include scales, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, and wearable monitoring attire; they record and store measurements from patient's acquired biological information. They use the information and create a private medical record that the person can obtain to at any time, and can share the information when they need to share it with providers.


Visit the website http://www.myhealtalert.com and download the app for platform and take it for a test drive.  Send back your comments and let them know about your experience.


Image: Courtesy of MHealthAlert ® platform, (2014)